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What Are Automatic Transmission Services?

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Since you might either come across a manual or automatic transmission system, it is important to note some details about manual and automatic systems to help you understand automatic transmission services better.

All transmission systems (manual and automatic) require lubrication and cooling fluid; this is referred to as the transmission fluid. However, when you look closely at the components that make up a manual and automatic transmission system, you might notice a difference. A manual transmission system may comprise a casing or oil pan and a gasket, while an automatic transmission system may have the same components plus a filter.

Filter Absence in Manual Transmission

The absence of a filter in the manual transmission system accounts for the reason why the transmission fluid gets dirty or contaminated over time, requiring replacement. Failure to change the transmission fluid can lead to component damage, which requires you to change the entire transmission system; this can be costly.

Sealed and Unsealed Automatic Transmission

The presence of a filter in an automatic transmission system means that the transmission fluid does not get dirty easily.

You may come across a sealed and unsealed automatic transmission system. The sealed system means that you do not need to replace or change the transmission fluid. However, if your vehicle has an unsealed automatic transmission system, read the manufacturer's guide on how frequently you should replace the transmission fluid.

What Are Automatic Transmission Services?

These are services that include changing your vehicle's transmission fluid and checking if there is any damage. If any damage is discovered, it can be repaired, meaning transmission system repair is also a part of automatic transmission services.

The level of your transmission fluid may also go down; you need it topped up to avoid transmission slippage and failure.

How Frequent Should Automatic Transmission Services Be Done?

The manufacturer guide should have this information; however, it is advised to have your mechanic inspect your transmission system for signs of damage when you visit your mechanic for regular car servicing (change of oil and air filters).

Indicators of a Bad Transmission System

Noises from your transmission system are the most common signs that there is a problem with your transmission system. Another sign is if you notice that your vehicle stalls when climbing a slope; visit a mechanic as soon as possible for automatic transmission services. It is very likely to cause an accident if your transmission system fails.