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Is Your Engine Too Hot Under Pressure?

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Do you have a racing or high-performance car? Maybe, you spend a lot of time towing a heavy trailer that puts your vehicle under pressure? For any vehicle where the engine operates under pressure, you must ensure that the oil keeps flowing freely. The best way to maintain a high oil flow is to use an oil cooler in your vehicle and arrange for oil cooler repairs if it starts to fail or work less efficiently.

What is an oil cooler?

Oil coolers should be fitted to any engine that is regularly under pressure when it is working. The oil cooler helps to maintain the viscosity of the oil at an optimal level. By fitting an oil cooler, you can extend the intervals between oil changes and also extend the life of your engine. No matter how tough your working environment, the oil cooler should withstand both vibrations and heavy loads. A properly working oil cooler will maintain a high flow of oil at the right temperature and prevent any clogging from occurring or blockages forming in the oil system.

Which oil cooler do you need?

Fitting an oil cooler to your vehicle should not be complicated. Most oil cooler kits are supplied with fittings and hoses, so they can be quickly installed into the vehicle. In most cases, you should be able to find an 'off-the-shelf' oil cooler. However, if you prefer a custom cooling solution, your local supplier should be able to order you a unique oil cooler.  A custom cooler will be tailored to your specific engine, allowing you to achieve maximum effectiveness.

Oil cooler repairs

If you have had your oil cooler fitted for a while, you could be wondering if it requires servicing, or whether it could need repair. Oil cooler repairs are necessary when you discover that oil is starting to leak from the front of the car. You could also notice that the oil level is lower than you would expect or that the engine temperature is too hot. If you do see any of these things, you should take your car to your local garage and ask a trained technician to determine the cause of the problem. It is always wise to arrange for oil cooler repairs or a replacement as soon as you realize that there is a fault. If you continue to drive with an oil leak, you could soon have an engine in need of expensive repairs.