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Why Radial Tyres are the Best Option for Agricultural Tractors

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Agricultural yield is crucial for commercial farmers, and it is affected by various factors. One such factor is the type of tyres you use on tractors. Thus, over the years, manufacturers have continued to innovate and improve the performance of agricultural tyres. Notably, research and development have yielded radial tyres, arguably the best option for commercial farmers. Most importantly, the performance of radial tyres has been tried and tested over the years; hence, investing in the tyres should be the right choice for any newbie farmer. Therefore, if you want to turn your land into a commercial farm, the first piece of equipment you should get is a tractor on radial tyres. Here is why.

Strong Casing

The robust anatomy of radial tyres begins with the casing. Farm tractors should withstand enormous loads, and the structure of tyres plays a crucial role in this regard. Noteworthy, the case on radial tyres consists of a mixture of synthetic textile cord and brass-covered steel wires plaited together. The structure creates a robust casing capable of withstanding heavy loads, which agricultural tyres are constantly subjected to. Note that radial tyres get their name from the orientation of the cord layers (the cords run perpendicular to the running direction). The layout allows the tyres' sidewalls to deform easily, improving their shock absorption and comfort levels.

Stability Plies

While the robust casing on radial tyres is enough for occasional farm tasks, the rigours of daily farming require agricultural tyres that are fit for the job. It is the reason radial agricultural tyres are fitted with stability plies. The components are additional layers placed over the casing and run diagonally to the wheels' rolling direction. Typically, radial tyres come in two types of stability plies: radial and cap. Radial piles reinforce the casing while cap piles strengthen the treads. Ultimately, the function of stability plies on radial tyres provides directional stability so that the wheels perform efficiently across the entire width. Stability plies also protect the tyre casing from external damage by sufficiently absorbing knocks.

Tyre Beads

Agricultural tyres are useless if there is a weak point between the casing and the wheel rim. In radial tyres, tyre beads perform the all-important function of reinforcing the connection. The reinforcement comes from tyre beads' (metal rings) ability to stiffen the bead heel, promoting excellent tyre guidance and compact traction between the rim and the tyre. Note that tyre beads are found on either side of radial tyres and have a large diameter due to the uneven nature of farm terrain. To learn more about agricultural machinery tyres, contact a supplier.