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What Should You Do If You Don't Have Time to Get the Car Serviced?

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If you rely on your car a lot to get you around each day, you may not be able to deal with the thought of being stranded. You may have a lot of obligations to take care of, kids to take to and from school and other projects that require you to be mobile all the time. In this case, you may be like a lot of fellow Australians, who must have a set of wheels to get from point to point. This issue is even more acute because of the sprawling nature of the typical city. So, what should you do if your vehicle needs to go in for a major service and you can't be without it during your typical working day?

Skipping Service

Some people may be so engaged and reliant on their vehicle that they may decide to skip the service altogether or put it off until another time when they are "less busy." Yet, that time never comes around, and the vehicle won't be serviced according to the manufacturer's recommendations, which is never a good idea. In this case, fluids could begin to deteriorate, and brake pads wear down, while other mechanical components may suffer more than they should. In the long term, this can lead to extra cost, the potential of a breakdown and can also lessen the vehicle's value. A major service should never be optional, so there must be a better way.

Courtesy Fleet

If you find yourself in this position, talk with your service coordinator about a courtesy car. Many major garages have access to these vehicles and can often provide you with a replacement while your vehicle is under repair.

Available Models

Of course, you can't expect to get exactly the same make and model of car and may have to get used to driving something entirely different. The garage can try and match as best as possible, but availability will depend on the stock they have at the time and the needs of other clients.

Insurance Needs

You need to double-check that your insurance policy covers the vehicle, and you may have to have comprehensive cover to satisfy the terms and conditions. Insurance companies will often include this type of clause for this very situation.

Making Arrangements

So, don't be tempted to skip any major service and understand how important it is for the long term life of your car. Talk with the service coordinator first so that you can line up a car service courtesy car ahead of time.