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4 Auto Maintenance Tasks Every Car Needs to Keep Running at Its Peak

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As a car owner, you should make every possible effort to keep your vehicle in tip-top condition. But what auto maintenance tasks should you perform to accomplish this goal? 

All car maintenance tasks fall into three main tiers: interim, full or major tiers. What gets checked may vary for each of these tiers depending on where you take your car for servicing. But one thing is for sure: every task is essential for enhancing vehicle performance, safety, reliability and durability.

Look at these maintenance services your car needs to keep running at its peak.

Oil changes

As your car accumulates distance on the odometer, the engine oil becomes dirty and breaks down. Over time, the oil becomes ineffective at keeping the engine well-lubricated and running smoothly.

As friction builds up inside the engine, it generates heat, increasing the risk of vehicle damage due to overheating. Regular oil changes are essential to replenish the oil in your car engine. The fresh oil helps keep the engine healthy and operating at peak performance.

Battery testing

Battery failure is one of the top culprits behind car breakdowns. An auto battery fails when it fails to generate enough electricity to keep a vehicle running. An effective way to avoid battery issues is to test your battery regularly.

Regular battery testing helps ensure your battery can match the auto electrical demand.

Tire rotation

As the only part of your car that maintains contact with the road, tyres see plenty of action. And, quality ones usually do not come cheap. To keep your tyres in good shape and maximise their life, you should take good care of them. Rotating them is one way to do this.

Tyre rotation involves switching the positions of your vehicle's front and rear tyres to ensure all the tyres wear down at a uniform rate, prolonging their lifespan.

Brake inspection

The brakes on your car are an integral part of the vehicle's safety mechanism. When they are working well, they allow you to slow down and halt your vehicle when the need arises. When brake issues pop up, you can lose these capabilities.

Undertaking regular brake inspections helps keep tabs on the condition of your brakes. During these inspections, your brake fluid level gets checked. If it is low, you may have brake fluid leaks.

Wear and tear components such as brake pads, brake shoes, calipers and rotors also get checked to determine if they require repair or replacement.

While you can handle some car maintenance tasks yourself, you should leave the job to the professionals. A local auto service shop can meet all your vehicle's maintenance needs, saving you time and removing the guesswork from the job.

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