How to Maintain Your Motorhome

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Things to keep in mind when customising a campervan

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If you’ve ever seen the TV show Pimp My Ride, then you’ll be well aware of just how over-the-top a vehicular renovation can be. Campervans are no exception to this, as the tricked-out campervan or tour bus has been a staple of the rock-star lifestyle for decades. However, campervan modifications are a tricky business. While it might not seem too hard to just stuff a bunch of items into the campervan and call it a day, there is actually a lot of thought that needs to go into the positioning and installation of many new parts or devices; the same goes for the repairing — or adding of — new mechanical parts. Read More»

Engine Rebuilding: Major Benefits of Choosing This Procedure

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If you own a vehicle with high mileage, you are likely experiencing mechanical problems on a regular basis. Over time, this can be quite expensive. Moreover, it can also greatly decrease the lifespan of your vehicle. Luckily, the only option available to you is not purchasing a new vehicle. Another solution that you could consider is engine rebuilding. This process entails the taking apart of your current engine and having it thoroughly cleaned the mechanic will then inspect the different components of your engine for wear and tear and replace those that have acquired damage. Read More»

Everything You Wanted To Know About Car Radiator Steam But Were Afraid To Ask!

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Life is filled with little disasters guaranteed to raise anxiety levels in a person. As a first-time car owner, it is common to panic when you see steam coming from your bonnet because your car radiator is overheating. However, does an overheated radiator mean that your car is doomed? It’s time to increase your knowledge about what radiator steam means so you can keep the anxiety levels at bay when it happens to you. Read More»