How to Maintain Your Motorhome

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5 Reasons Why Your Car Will Not Start.

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Will your car not start? Read the extract below to learn a few reasons why your car won’t start.  1. Dead Battery There are many reasons why your vehicle car could have a dead battery. For instance, it could be the you left the lights on. Alternatively, the battery could be too old and needs to be replaced. If you own a manual car, you could push-start it by engaging second or reverse gear and releasing the clutch once the vehicle gains some momentum. Read More»

4 Common Car Problems That Cause Increased Fuel Consumption

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Does your car have poor fuel economy? There are many reasons why your car may be less efficient than expected. Before trying to establish what’s ailing your car and how to fix it, it is important to check your driving habits.  If you’ve been pressing the accelerator and brake pedals accelerator too aggressively, and overworking the air conditioning system, you’re guilty of wasting fuel. But if you’ve been going easy on the pedals and air conditioning, it is likely that your car needs to be repaired. Read More»

What to Expect During Metal Polishing

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Car metal polishing and waxing play an important role in vehicle care. They prevent the wear and tear in the environment, and if done right, your car can really look new and fresh. However, it can be daunting, and there are a couple of things that you particularly need to know to prevent car damage. You will find tips here on what to expect during the metal polishing of your car so you will not be surprised. Read More»

3 Critical Truck Care Tips During Winter

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Regular maintenance is crucial for the optimal performance of your truck. The maintenance requirements of a truck are typically easy to follow through with during normal weather conditions such as summer. However, extra care is required when servicing a truck during winter. The reason is that winter brings with it harsh conditions that can affect the normal functioning of your vehicle. Therefore, you have to change your truck maintenance approach during this period. Read More»